Why become an Avon Representative?

I started selling Avon because I just truly loved their products.

I did not have a lot of friends to show the brochure, I only had a few girls at work. It has been a challenge for me finding new customers to build my business. I’ve been leaving brochures at doctor’s offices, throwing out books in the neighborhood or leaving my little books at checkout everywhere I shop. I will admit sometimes you get discouraged if you don’t get a lot of calls. But, what keeps you going is the customers you get. Usually, everyone that shops with you will shop again. You build amazing relationships with these people. Even if you see them once a month they want to know how you are doing, they are excited to see you again and they want to share stories with you. What else can you wish for? I met so many wonderful ladies that just brighten my day! Once they tried your products they will stick to it and order again.

Just the ending of a text message of an order I received tonight from one of my customers:

“Thank you again! Really enjoy working with you! 😊”

The other thing that I find amazing is the relationship that you build with the other team members. Your upline/mentor is always there for you. Sometimes we get together at a coffee breakfast and we share or try to figure out ways to help each other. It’s like a family. I will keep building my customer base and my team!

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