Become an Avon Representative!

Avon Representative

As a woman sometimes you don’t have a lot of time for yourself. Between work and family when do you have time to think about your career?

I started my own career with Avon. I have a full-time job, a wonderful family but I just wanted to do something that I enjoy in my free time. I started selling Avon. I used to buy their product and I really love them. I love that you have the brochures and you don’t have to search online.

Some of us decide to be a stay home mom. But what can you do when you stay home? You cannot commit to a job, right? This would be something I would consider if I were a stay home mom. Do you have a family, relatives you think might be interested buying these products from you? Then it’s worth a try! Avon has all the essential items that they would buy anyway so why not buy them from Avon? They have a really good selection at great prices! You cannot go wrong!

Now, of course, the question is what do I need to do to start? It only takes you $25 to start. This includes a welcoming kit from Avon with products and Brochures so you can start your own business, your own career. You can sign up on and you can put me as a reference yourfashionplace. This way you can be a part of my team and I can assist you along the way.

There is a special for new representatives: if your orders are $100 or more you get 40% off first 4 orders. It is a pretty good deal! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I would be more than happy to assist! No commitment!

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